Frequently asked questions 

For additional questions not answered below, please reach out to us at

Is SnackShare available in my city?

We’re currently operating in our home city of Austin, TX, but ask that you email us at if you’d like to chat about launching in your city next!

Does SnackShare offer delivery?

SnackShare will begin offering delivery to your door Summer 2019!

Farms/ranches/food producers

Who can become suppliers on SnackShare?

  1. Farms

  2. Ranches

  3. Local consumer packaged goods (granola, nuts, jerky products, cookies, etc)

  4. Specialty food producers (honey, value add products, drinks, etc)

What are the requirements to be a supplier?

  1. Produced locally - OK if your product is shipped nationwide, but we’ll be marketing in and around your city or state

  2. Agreement to operate in compliance with the specific state & federal regulations governing your product(s) and/or industry

How do payments work?

We utilize Stripe as a third party payment processor, and do not hold any funds. Funds will be released on weekly basis, in line with our weekly delivery schedule

What if I don’t have enough product to meet customer orders?

As you set the quantity for sale, and confirm each order directly from the consumer, we’d ask that you ensure accurate supply to match your orders. Should something happen between the order cutoff day, and the delivery day, please reach out directly so we can refund the order.