Grocery + Local

Instead of buying your produce, meats, and snacks from a grocery store, why not support your local farmer, rancher, or food producer?

We’re here to make that easy for you…

Beginning in summer of 2019, we’ll be delivering local food direct to your door in Austin, TX

We want to bring back the community connection with the local food producers.

We believe it’s one way to support the local economy, cut down on pollution and waste…all while helping to provide our community with healthy food products that are made and sourced locally

Our Mission


Eating local foods doesn’t have to be a luxury

At SnackShare our goal is simply to connect folks in the local communities through food. No frills, no expensive subscriptions…think of us as a farmer’s market online!

Thanks to the growth of the “mega store”, we’ve gotten away from eating locally sourced foods…in many cases trading freshness & food integrity for pesticides & added chemicals

Let’s work together as food producers, neighbors, and consumers to support each other and eat healthier!